Audi City Art&Design

A year-long series of events in the most prestigious spot on the automotive map of Poland.

We transformed Audi City Warszawa into the centre of cultural and social events whose common denominator were the values and ideas originating from the DNA ofthe Audi brand: innovation, progress, advanced technologies, design, setting new directions and trends.

Exhibitionsof contemporary painting, sculpture and graphic design. Fashion workshops, film screenings and extraordinary music events. We made sure that each guest found something special for themselves.

During each of the evenings, we presented newly launched Audi models and concept cars straight out of design studios. Meetings with their creators provided a unique opportunity to explore the brand from the inside out.

The topics of the meetings and selection of special guests representing the world of art, music and automotive industry corresponded with the key advantages of Audi cars – advanced technology, innovative driver support systems, progressive design and unique sound solutions.

We conceived, planned and executed each event. Our 15-person technical team delivered and set up 60 tonnes of equipment and furniture in Audi City, while interior designers spent a total of 80 hours arranging the space.

We are an indepenent creative event agency based in Poznań, Poland. Since 1999 we have been delivering turn-key solutions perfectly tailored to our clients needs’ and to changing market specifications.