Our recipe for spreading a healthy and beautiful smile online.

Reconstruction, restoration, implantation. We planned our social media activities for MegaGen Polska with dental precision. We started with a new page, MegaBlue - Patentfor a Smile, addressed to patients.

The main creative theme is the blue colour: a distinctive brand feature. The communication aimed to build and strengthen the belief that AnyRidge implants -"the blue ones” - are the safest, fastest in terms of treatment, mostdurable, etc.

Over 8 months, we reached 500 000 people, creating a community of 1500 Facebook fans, and restored many people's hope to regain their smile in no time.

We are an indepenent creative event agency based in Poznań, Poland. Since 1999 we have been delivering turn-key solutions perfectly tailored to our clients needs’ and to changing market specifications.